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The heart that gifts a diamond shines like a diamond

We present the world with the most precious gift, NazraanaTM. Inspired by various facets of Indian culture Nazraana’sTM jewellery collections are the perfect gifting choice, combining emotion, affordability and spectacular design.
NazraanaTM is a brand initiative of Rio Tinto in India. Rio Tinto is one of the world’s major producers of diamonds.

Australian DiamondsTM

“Natural beauty, distinguished provenance” The importance of diamond traceability
It is important to know that the diamond you are buying is not only rare and beautiful, but also has an honorable pedigree; that the process of extracting it from the earth, refining it and talking it to the market has been a careful and respectful one has not done any harm.
We bring to you the diamond that can be traced back to its mine of origin, is natural and untreated and ensures a legacy from the land itself.
From the moment diamonds are unearthed at the diamond mine to the time that master craftsmen help release the diamonds’ exquisite beauty, Rio Tinto provides proof of a unique and desirable origin and an assurance that our diamond have been handled with care worthy of their noble birthplaces.
Rio Tinto’s unique chain of custody its proprietary system developed with independent auditors to ensure the traceability of its diamond at all stages of the pipeline unto the point of delivery to the customers.

Our Inspirations

Our seven themed collections complement each other to make diamond jewellery a feasible gifting option. A plethora of choices for the diverse tastes of a generous people.


N- Motif

The NazraanaTM motif is inspired by its initial “N” which is a hallmark of its authenticity. The “N” lends the brand its unique identity and its distinct personality carving a niche for itself. “N” also epitomizes novelty in concept, design, innovation and fashion.